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    The model of life

    I weep for the passion of my Lord Jesus Christ; and I should not be ashamed to go weeping through the whole world for his sake

    (St. Francis of Assisi)

    The model of life proposed by the Friars Minor of the Hermitage, for those who would like to go on a retreat, involves mainly prayers, Adoration, listening to the Word of God, Lectio Divina and liturgy. In this Mystical Garden where God returns to walk along with men and women, respecting their own sensitivity and needs, private prayers are greatly encouraged and participants are asked to share moments of communal prayer and service. Guidance, spiritual direction and fraternal discussion are also provided, for those who express the desire for it.

    In this Holy Place - where you can contemplate the same moon that attracted lovers’ eyes, Patriarchs’ and Prophets’ attention, the greats and the small - the spirituality of the Franciscan community represents small but precious light. St. Francis himself had a deep bond with the Passion of our Lord. He once said: “I weep for the passion of my Lord Jesus Christ; and I should not be ashamed to go weeping through the whole world for his sake.” The outside world around us enters Gethsemane to find the Place of the Passion of our Lord… where we can only be small mediators of the Lord’s Love - which He witnessed for us by giving his Life - to manifest His Love to all whom we meet and make it become nourishment, home and consolation for those who visit this Place that was our Lord’s favourite.

    We would like to stress that the Hermitage was established exclusively for devoting solid time for prayer and it is not meant to be accommodation for tourists visiting the Holy Land and the town of Jerusalem.

    Hora Sancta

    We are the sons of St. Francis, and we are THE custodians, according to the will of God, of one of the places that Jesus loved the most: the garden called GETHSEMANE. This is a unique place in the world. It is the place where the Lord manifested his Yes forever by being ready to enter where nobody else had ever entered, where he plunged into darkness, in the final battle against death, in which humanity has always ended up being a loser.

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